Peak Design Travel Tripod - Phone Mount

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    Travel Tripod - Phone Mount

    The most compact full feature tripod

    Travel tripods are supposed to be portable, right?

    Peak Design's revolutionary architecture removes the negative space found in traditional tripods. This Travel Tripod packs down to half the volume of traditional tripods without sacrificing height or stability. How?

    4 years of engineering.

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    Built to last, built for every gear

    Pro Performance
    This tripod is built for full frame DSLRs and telephoto lenses, with a weight capacity of 20lbs and compatibility with deploys to 60in. They didn't simply reduce the size of the tripod; they also made it faster. Fully deployable in 9.8secs.

    Stable + Stiff
    3rd party testing shows that the Peak Design Travel Tripod performs as well, if not better, than significantly bulkier tripods in its class.

    A brilliantly integrated phone mount lets you capture timelapses and long exposures with the camera in your pocket.

    Intuitive to use
    No bulky, confusing knobs. Just a single, ergonomic adjustment ring for smooth and simple control.