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    Getting Closer

    The Moment Tele 58mm gets you closer for tighter, crispier shots without using digital zoom. Optimized for multi-lens devices, you can achieve ~2x optical zoom when mounted over the main camera and ~4x optical zoom when mounted over the iPhone telephoto lens.

    Comparison i Phone X 04 without tele58mm

    iPhone X Main Camera

    Comparison i Phone X 04 with tele58mm

    iPhone X Main Camera + 58mm Telephoto Lens

    Comparison i Phone X 04 with tele58mm ontele

    iPhone X 2x Camera + 58mm Telephoto Lens

    Tele 58mm Gear Review

    Works On Lots Of Phones

    The Tele 58mm Lens is part of our M-Series lenses that is compatible with the latest iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy, and One Plus Phones. One thing that makes Moment lenses unique is the detail we put into the metal body of the lens and the interface on the bottom. Made from an aerospace-grade metal we ensure each lens smoothly rotates in and out of our Moment Cases.

    If you trade or upgrade your phone you’ll only need a new case and the same lens works across devices.

    Moment 100 005 Tele 58 Lens lifestyle 25

    Made From Aerospace Grade Metal

    When you pick up a Moment Lens, you instantly feel the quality. This isn’t a cheap plastic lens. Instead, it’s made of aerospace-grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses. It adds just enough weight to your phone, without weighing you down.

    Moment 100 005 Tele 58 Lens lifestyle 26

    Samples Shot On The Moment Tele 58mm Lens

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    Taylor Pendleton

    Www instagram com kidon bae Moment Tele Portrait Lens


    Johnjase 1 Moment Tele Portrait Lens


    Ronhozeman small


    Moment miel life iphone X with Tele 58mm 01

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    Taylor Pendleton

    Huzaifieka 2 Moment Tele Portrait Lens


    Tele 58mm Lens Works With iPhone 14

    The Tele 58mm Lens has been tested with all models of the iPhone 14 and IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. Working over the 1x wide and 3x tele lens on the phone, your shots will be elevated to the next level.

    From the Momentist