Sony FX3 Full-Frame Cinema Camera Body

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    💡Meet the Sony FX3

    Best For: Beginner to advanced filmmakers who want to make short films, YouTube videos, or short-form internet videos. Also Netflix-approved!

    Wide Dynamic Range

    The FX3 offers an exceptional 15+ stops2 dynamic range to handle settings ranging from well-lit interiors and outdoors in mid-day to morning and evening shots. Capture every nuance and allow for unprecedented cinematic freedom in color grading.

    Tk fx3 sensor

    Compatible With E-Mount Lenses

    Experience smooth, responsive autofocus with Sony's E-mount lenses, with premium optical performance and operability for demanding cinematography applications. The unique linear-drive actuator technology in Sony's E-mount lenses provides smoother, more precise and tenacious AF performance to support your creative endeavors.

    The NEW 20-70mm F4.0 FE Lens | Sony’s First Lightweight Wide Zoom

    10-Bit S-Log3 And HDR Recording

    S-Log3 gamma curve and S-Gamut3.Cine enables shooting with high-quality color reproduction over a wide dynamic range, making it easy to match up footage with shots from other Cinema Line cameras during post-production. In addition, an HLG (Hybrid Loq-Gamma) HDR picture profile enables direct HDR (HLG) playback on compatible TVs with no post-production.

    Moment Sony FX3 lifestyle hands holding camera dark

    Essential Controls Solo Shooting

    In addition to six customizable buttons, frequently used controls are within easy one-handed reach, leaving your other hand free for lens operation or balance. And usability is enhanced by multiple screw holes on the body and handle, allowing accessories to be attached directly.

    Man holding cinema camera for an article titled: Sony FX3's Built-in Anamorphic Features Make It a Filmmaker's Choice

    💡What's In The Latest 2024 Update?

    • View de-squeezed anamorphic footage directly in-camera, which makes using our 1.33x Anamorphic Lens adapter easier without an external monitor.

    • Shoot in 4K DCI, providing some flexibility for reframing while delivering in UHD.

    • Includes an added 24p recording option, which helps create content for cinematic releases or film festivals.

    • S&Q modes can now be changed when assigned to a custom button using the FX3.

    • The update addresses a much-awaited focus breathing feature.

      Sony has released a game-changing new firmware update (Ver. 3.00) for the FX3 and F30 cameras. You can now view de-squeezed anamorphic footage in the camera, making it easier than ever to achieve your desired look without a monitor. This update now makes the FX3 and our Anamorphic Lens Adapter the perfect combo for cinematography and filmmaking.
      Read below for a brief rundown of what you'll need to do to update your Sony FX3 to the latest firmware version, but for the download link and a full rundown of the installation steps — head to Sony's Help Page.

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