Core Unit - DSLR Insert - Medium

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Core Unit - DSLR Insert

    The Large DSLR Core Unit v3, your perfect companion for the Action X40, X50, Explore 35 backpacks, and more! With its seamless integration into the side access of these backpacks, you'll have quick and convenient camera access whenever you need it. Plus, it's compatible with the X70 backpack, Carry-On, and DV rollers, ensuring versatility for all your adventures.

    Maximize your storage capacity with the Large Core Unit. Designed to fit perfectly in the Action X40, X50, Explore 35, and Carry-On Roller, it provides ample space for all your gear. Enjoy the benefits of EVA laminated dividers and sidewalls, a removable skin that's lightweight and versatile, and an internal frame that adds rigidity and support.

    Say goodbye to worries about fitting your mirrorless and DSLR cameras! The DSLR depth of the Large Core Unit accommodates cameras up to 16 cm (6.3 in) tall, including gripped bodies. It's the ultimate solution for carrying multiple bodies and long lenses, ensuring you capture every shot with ease.

    SKU: 520-214

    Know more about the Core Unit - Large DSLR Insert V3

    The Large Core Unit will max-out the internal storage of the Action X40, X50, Explore 35 and the Carry-On Roller. It includes all the popular features of our Core Unit system, including EVA laminated dividers and sidewalls, a lightweight and versatile removable skin, and internal frame to add extra rigidity and support.

    Pro Mirrorless/DSLR Camera Fit

    Designed to fit mid- to Pro-size camera equipment such as gripped Mirrorless or gripped DSLR bodies. Its generous 40 cm (15.8 in) internal length allows users to carry longer telephoto lenses, as well as other items requiring longer length. The Large Core Unit is perfect for people who need to pack and protect a lot of gear.

    Quick Side Camera Access

    Features integrated side access. You can have full rear-access and side-access at the same time with our new design. The side door connects to an Explore or Action X backpack’s side-panel door and operates seamlessly.

    Modular Stacking

    The Large DSLR Core Unit has slightly more volume than a Medium and Small DSLR Core Unit combined. In a large pack like the Action X70, the user has the option to stack a Small DSLR Core Unit on top of the Large for additional gear capacity.

    Lightweight Water-Resistant & Multi-purpose Skin

    The included Skin’s primary function is a storage and dust cover for the padded Core Units, ideal for when your gear is at home and not in use. It keeps the Core Unit sealed and dust free. Its secondary function is to use as a packing cell. A user can fill it with clothing or other common items and pack it in their backpack or carry-on roller.

    EVA Protective Shell, Dividers and Frame

    Walls and dividers are constructed with EVA which ensures much greater protection than cheaper PE foams used in most camera bags. With EVA we have greater control over the density and quality of materials used to protect your gear. The Core Unit also features an internal frame ensuring the walls never collapse with weight on above it. It also maintains proper weight distribution of your camera gear and eliminates internal sagging. With both EVA and frame, our walls can be thinner and use less internal volume while still providing superior protection.

    Tech Specs

    Inside Dimensions10.6W x 4.1H x 6.3D in / 27W x 10.5H x 16D cm
    Outside Dimensions11.4W x 4.7H x 6.7D in / 29W x 12H x 17D cm
    Weight0.58lb / 0.29kg