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    The Essentials Slider Bundle

    What you really need, nothing less nothing more...

    Step up your B-Roll

    Arc II gives you the ability to create ultra-precise, repeatable 4-axis shots whether you’re on a tripod or slider. Using an intuitive keyframe system, you can quickly craft the perfect shot and capture it on the first try. You can use the physical joysticks or the iOS app to set up your moves.

    B roll RED 1200x

    High-Speed Motor

    The included High-Speed Motor is great for non-vertical slides and makes it easy and quick to set up keyframes.

    High Speed Motor 1200x

    Tripod Quick Mounts

    Spinning your slider on a tripod is a pain. That's why Rhino changed how sliders mount to tripods. Just set your slider on a tripod and use the oversized knob to lock it in place.

    Tripod Quick Mount 1200x