Gobe Open Box - 62mm Variable ND Filter

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    Niles Grey is a filmmaker/director who seeks to blur the lines between Commercial and Documentary filmmaking.


    I’m pretty hard on my gear so spending hundreds of dollars on a variable ND filter doesn’t always make a ton of sense for me. This is a great solution, at $40 it allows me to get the right shutter speed for a majority of my projects with only the slightest, almost unnoticeable, effects on resolution.


    • Great value, less pain to your wallet if you drop or scratch it
    • Necessary for filmmaking
    • Variable so you only need one

    62mm Variable ND Filter

    Neutral density (ND) filters play an important role for filmmakers and photographers because they allow you to precisely control the amount of light passing through the lens for greater creative control over exposure. For filmmakers, this means shutter speeds that match your frame-rate while maintaining the depth-of-field you want. For photographers, it means you can reach longer exposures or achieve a shallow depth-of-field in bright sunlight.

    If you’re familiar with Neutral Density filters you may already know that a 3-stop filter won’t have a huge impact during brighter hours. Compared to the 6 and 10-stop filters, the 3-stop is not particularly dark and it won’t allow you to use those extremely slow shutter speeds of several minutes. Use a larger stop filter, like a 6 or 10 stop, to better adjust your slow shutter speed.

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