Drop-in Lens Mount for iPhone 13 Series - Open Box

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Drop-in Lens Mount for iPhone 13 Series - Open Box

    Now a modular system, drop-in lens mounts allow the attachment of Moment lenses and filters to iPhone 13. Drop-in Mounts snap in place to ensure perfect optical alignment and are constructed with a strong glass-filled polymer. Drop-in Mounts are only compatible with Moment Case and Moment Clear Case for iPhone 13. M-Series lenses work without vignetting on all iPhone 13 models. Pro models require a 3rd party app like Pro Camera until Apple adds a toggle to Macro Mode with an iOS update later this Fall. Test images coming ASAP.

    ** The Drop-in lens mount for iPhone 13 Pro will fit both the IPhone 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max

    Open Box - This item was bought brand new by a previous customer and returned without being used. The product is blemish-free and includes all original accessories in the box. The product may be repackaged or in the original packaging. Because the item has been shipped to a customer and back, the external packaging is likely damaged.

    Packaging: original or repackaged.

    Warranty: 12 months

    Return Timeline: non-returnable

    Note: The displayed images are illustrations, the actual items may differ slightly.

    SKU: U-310-174

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    Watch Caleb Try Moment Lenses on the iPhone 13 Pro!

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