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Size: 49mm

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    What Is A Circular Polarizer

    Circular Polarizing Filters, or CPL’s, work by rotating a piece of polarized glass in front of your lens to cut out unwanted glare. This makes colors deeper, allows you to see through reflective surfaces (glass, water, etc), and gives you better control over shadows.

    Capture Deeper Colors

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    At its core, polarizing works by way of a microscopic film attached to the filter glass. This film filters out light coming into the lens based on the direction the light is traveling. This is why circular polarizers need to rotate so that the direction of light that will be cut out can be altered based on the shooting situation. The name ‘circular’ doesn’t refer to the shape of the filter but actually, the type of polarizing film used. Circular polarizers cover a larger spectrum of reflected light where a linear polarizer is less broad in the amount of light it’s able to deflect.

    What Does A CPL Filter Do?

    Shoot Through Glass

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    By cutting out glare, our Antiglare CPL allows your camera to see through reflective mediums like glass and water, adding depth and detail to your shots.

    What Makes AntiGlare CPL Filters Unique

    Control Reflections

    Controlling reflections gives you the ability to fine-tune your shot when working with reflective subjects such as cars, boats, and buildings.

    Moment anitglare cpl lifestyle 01
    Moment anitglare cpl lifestyle 02

    Deep Color

    With glare and reflections eliminated, colors are shown with more vibrance and accuracy; skies become bluer, trees are deeper green. Your colors will pop, you get the idea.

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    Moment anitglare cpl lifestyle 05
    Moment anitglare cpl lifestyle 06

    Works With Your Phone and Camera

    Our CPL filters work with standard camera lens thread sizes. If you want to shoot with these filters on your phone you will need our 67mm Filter Mount. To put a CPL on your Moment Lens you will need our 67mm Lens Filter Mount.

    • Stacks with fixed NDs, Moment Cinebloom, or UV Filters
    • Smooth rotation ring for precise polarization adjustment
    • Available for standard camera lens sizes 58 - 82mm
    • Works with any standard center pinch lens cap (like the one you already have for your camera lens)
    Moment anitglare cpl lifestyle 08
    Moment anitglare cpl lifestyle 09

    How to pick the correct filter size?

    The filter thread size is actually different than the lens focal length. Usually, the filter thread size for your lens is printed on the front of the outer ring where your lens cap attaches, it'll look like øxx where xx is the filter size in millimeters.

    Filter Thread Size

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