O-Series Lens Mount

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  • O-Series - Superfish 15mm Lens

    The widest possible shot on a phone.

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The Moment O-series Lens Mount enables you to easily attach any O-Series lens to your camera phone. Its multi-directional design makes it easy to move up, down, right, or left. Whether you want to shoot on the front camera or any of the back cameras, this mount makes it simple. Loosen to adjust, tighten down to start shooting.

Made of a light, but strong aluminum frame this mount uses a thumbscrew to securely attach to a variety of camera phones. Just slide it on, line up the lens, tighten the screw, and you’re ready to start shooting. It uses soft rubber contact points wherever it touches the phone to provide grip and avoid scratching the device. The slide-able mount and interchangeable end caps allow you to adjust the mount for proper alignment on any device.

Disclaimer: For devices released from 2017 or later, we recommend using M-series lenses and a Moment Case (Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Note, Google Pixel, OnePlus). The combination of case and lens yields the highest image quality on these new phones with larger image sensors. If we do not offer a Moment Case for a device, we then recommend the M-Series Lens Mount and M-Series lenses.

Features and Compatibility

  • Secure fit, won’t slip off the phone
  • Easy to put on, align, and tighten into place
  • Works with all Moment O-Series lenses
  • Machined aluminum housing
  • Glass filled nylon O-Series Lens mount
  • Works on camera bumps of different heights
  • Padded contact points won’t damage phone screen or camera glass
  • Compatible with most devices under 10.75mm thickness from camera surface to screen surface
  • Works with front facing phone cameras and even laptop cameras

Almost Every Phone

The Lens Mount works on almost any phone, iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy, OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, and even your iPad. If we don't make a case for your specific device and have always wanted to try our lenses, this is the product for you.

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Even Better Selfies

The Lens Mount works with both your front and rear cameras. You can now mount a Moment lens to your front-facing camera for better selfies, stories, and vlogging.

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  • Measurements: 61.75mm X 37.2mm X 29.5mm (thumb screw fully open)
  • Weight: 28.9g
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