Counterweight for Osmo Mobile 3/OM 4

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Adding a Moment lens to your setup on the Osmo 3 or OM 4 is the ultimate compact run and gun gimbal combo, however, our lenses are heavy (#realglass) and they make balancing your gimbal tricky or sometimes impossible. By adding these thread-on weights to your Osmo 3 or OM 4 you can balance your setup to work with all Moment lenses regardless of what device you have.

Features and Compatibility

  • Threaded to fit into the Osmo 3 & OM 4 perfectly
  • Knurling texture for easy installation/grip
  • 4 weights precisely tuned in weight for maximum efficiency
  • Stackable in any order, each weight is the same
  • Made from machined stainless steel
  • Counterweights are not required for all setups and are not guaranteed to balance the weight on all devices, check to see if you need a counterweight (See full compatibility chart)

What does a counterweight do?

Using a Moment lens with your Osmo 3 is the ultimate filmmaking combo. These thread-on weights allow you to balance your gimbal with our lenses attached, even the heavy ones (#realglass). Shoot smooth cinematic footage with all of our lenses from the Macro to the Anamorphic.