37mm Cine Phone Filter Complete Bundle

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Shoot with an ND filter or a CPL on your phone.

This set combines everything you need with our pro quality ND filter, our pro quality CPL, our 37mm Filter Mount, and a Moment Case. The filter screws into the front of the 37mm filter mount, which then attaches to your Moment Case.

ND Filters are the secret sauce to controlling your exposure. They’re super important if you’re going for the most cinematic image. Like sunglasses for your camera, they give you ultimate control over the light hitting your sensor, and that means slower shutter speeds, giving you that slight, cinematic motion blur in your clips.

CPL filters are kinda like a magic trick of a filter. Once you use one, you’ll wonder why you’ve never used one before. It makes for bluer skies, greener trees, deeper waters, and allows you to shoot through glass. It does all these magic tricks by changing the light angle bouncing off bright surfaces. The 37mm CPL Filter filters out polarized light, leaving you with an awesome image that you can’t replicate post production.

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  • 37mm Cine ND Filter

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  • 37mm Cine CPL Filter

  • 37mm Phone Filter Mount

  • Case

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    Cinema Glass

    Backed by our heritage of award winning lenses, we brought our cinematic glass to filters. Combined with our proprietary coatings, these filters deliver the smoothest, crispiest, color neutral image imaginable.

    FC Cinematic Glass

    Proprietary Optical Coatings

    • Hydrophobic (repels water)
    • Anti-static (repels dust)
    • Scratch Resistant
    • Anti-Reflective
    • Color Corrective
    FC Coatings

    Rugged Construction

    These little bite sized filters are ready for whatever you can throw at them with advanced hydrophobic coatings, scratch resistant glass, and rugged construction.

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