Moment M-Series | 37mm Cine ND 16 - Phone Filter Bundle

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    Filters Directly Over Your Phone's Lenses

    Sometimes you want to use your built-in phone lenses but you wanna have the benefit of attaching filters. This is where the 37mm Phone Filter Mount shines. It attaches just like our Moment Lenses. Quick and easy and it doesn't get in the way. In this bundle you'll get a 37mm filter, however, the fun doesn't stop there... Using the step-up rings you'll be able to attach even larger diameter filters to your phone.

    Cinema Glass

    Backed by our heritage of award-winning lenses, we brought our cinematic glass to filters. Combined with our proprietary coatings, these filters deliver the smoothest, crispiest, color-neutral image imaginable.

    Cinematic Glass

    Proprietary Optical Coatings

    • Hydrophobic (repels water)
    • Anti-static (repels dust)
    • Scratch Resistant
    • Anti-Reflective
    • Color Corrective

    Video Comparison With / Without an ND filter

    Rugged Construction

    These little bite-sized filters are ready for whatever you can throw at them with advanced hydrophobic coatings, scratch-resistant glass, and rugged construction.


    Check out the 37mm Phone Filter Mount
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    Niles coming at you with the benefits of filters on your phone

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