Lomography Simple Use Metropolis Optimistic Ox Edition 35mm Reusable Film Camera

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    Fun Reusable Camera With Colored Flash Options

    Point and shoot and repeat! Don't worry about anything else but the fun of taking pictures with colorful flash options. Easily reload your camera once you’ve finished your first roll with any 35 mm film you can find.

    An affordable addition to your analogue arsenal.

    Throw this camera in your bag and be ready to capture the action wherever life takes you. Champion of film, Lomography has made exploring the 35 mm format that much more accessible today, though, launching a set of super-cheap cameras, preloaded with its dreamy films, that even the most inexperienced of photographers can easily get to grips with.

    An affordable addition

    This pocket-sized and light camera is perfect for parties, road trips, weddings, and more.

    Start shooting straight away with this preloaded camera, perfect for those trigger-happy sharpshooters with time to waste. It also has a built-in flash, so you can immortalize the moment come rain or shine, day or night.

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    Preloaded with LomoChrome Metropolis

    35 mm ISO 100–400 film which desaturates colors and makes contrasts pop for moody, muted shots. This film camera uses 35mm film and there’s loads of that around. Check out Lomography's full, unique film range.

    640x426x2 1

    Reloadable, not disposable

    This nifty little camera offers all the fun of an 80s disposable without the waste. Capture memorable moments on the fly. They're fleeting and that's what makes them special. Easily get your photos developed at any photo lab, it’s quick and easy no matter where you are in the world.


    Go hunting for mermaids!

    Grab a Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera Analogue Aqua Edition and dive down to depths of 10m for amazing "unda da sea" shots.


    Go outside the norms

    Break all the rules by shooting on expired film or leaving your camera in the fridge for a day – why not? – the camera’s not cost you an arm and a leg so you can relax and have some fun!


    Special limited editions are available boasting gorgeous designs by international artists. Get yours or gift one to a friend before they are all gone. Check out Lomography's wide selection of film cameras and film rolls!

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