Kodak RETO 35 mm Film Case - Yellow/Silver

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Color: Yellow Lid, Silver Body

Style: 35 mm film

    Functional With A Cool Retro Design

    Are you still carrying your rolls in a plastic bag? They need some love too... Give them some dignity by letting them live in this snug box made just for them

    Keep Your Film Safe

    The KODAK Film Case, made of steel with high tensile strength, provides your films with strong protection.

    Moment kodak reto 135 film case lifestyle 02

    Store Your Film In Style

    The case is small and portable, making it ideal for all analog lovers. It protects your film rolls dry and clean, and organizes five rolls of film in one place. It is perfect for a day out for shooting or even a sweet long holiday.

    Moment 2021 Film 35mm case webres 6828

    Make it your everyday case

    The inner case is made of durable plastic. It helps segregate your five rolls of film and organize them neatly. It is also removable, and you could place whatever you like without limitation. From stationaries to accessories, even a pair of glasses could fit in the case - making it your Everyday Case.

    Moment 2021 Film 35mm case webres 6832

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