HD Waist Belt - Black

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HD Waist Belt

    Shimoda's heavily padded HD belt will transfer the backpacks load off your shoulder and to your hips with exceptional comfort and support. It also delivers greater stability to creators carrying extra heavy loads and also ideal for long hikes where comfort is paramount.

    It features zip-closure storage pockets and approximately 10cm of adjustable sizing.

    The belt is constructed with a durable Nylon exterior, high-density EVA padding and air mesh inner padding for extra breathability. Shimoda's unique cut out design allows for more airflow and a better hip-hugging fit.

    SKU: 520-249

    Know more about the HD Waist Belt

    The ultimate comfort and support with Shimoda's heavily padded HD belt, designed to transfer the load from your shoulders to your hips. Ideal for creators carrying heavy loads and embarking on long hikes, it offers exceptional stability. With zip-closure storage pockets and adjustable sizing, it's both functional and convenient. Constructed with durable Nylon, high-density EVA padding, and breathable air mesh inner padding, the belt ensures a hip-hugging fit with improved airflow.

    EVA padding

    solid padding for greater load support. The high-density EVA padding helps absorb the load while adding great comfort on your hips. Belts padded with lesser density foams breakdown and collapse quickly on hikes. Eva stays firm and supportive throughout the day.

    Weight transfer

    the HD Waist Belt was developed to handle big loads. Even though it is worn around the waist, it relieves the pack weight off your shoulders and transfers to your hips.


    Approximately 10cm of waist diameter adjustment is possible, allowing both smaller and bigger waisted creators to find a custom fit for their body.


    the bigger and heavier the load, the less you want to remove it. We've added 2 zipper closure pockets for sunscreen, snacks and devices, so you don't have to stop and remove a loaded backpack -- just to grab a bite.

    Air mesh

    the inner layer features a soft air mesh exterior for greater comfort and breathability. Combined with our unique cut out design both help keep you cooler on hot days or long hauls.

    Tech Specs

    Weight:0.84lb / 0.38kg
    Outside Dimensions (in):32.3W x 5.5H x 1.2D in. 82W x 14H x 3D cm


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