Grovemade Leather Mouse Pad

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Color: Black

Size: Large

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    Premium Leather

    Grovemade's premium mouse pad is layered leather ideal for scrolling. The mouse pad looks and feels great under your mouse and the labor-intensive vegetable-tanning process preserves the character of the leather, ensuring your mouse pad will age beautifully.


    What is Leather Tanning?

    Natural leather starts as an animal hide, with its own character and imperfections. It’s largely made of proteins and water. Left untreated, it would turn brittle and decay because of the water content. To prevent this from happening, leather is tanned by replacing the water molecules found in the animal skin with either a natural or synthetic chemical that binds to the proteins in the hide and stabilizes them. The resulting leather doesn’t decay, and is supple, durable, and strong.

    Grovemade Mouse Pad hightlight leather