The Duet 3Peak UV + CPL Filter Kit

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Variant: The Duet 3Peak UV + CPL Filter Kit - 37mm

We love this kit because it keeps two of our favorite Gobe 3Peak (▲▲▲) camera filters in a compact, easy to access roll designed to save space, and we’re always all about the minimal setup. The UV filter is ideal for cutting out haze and sharpening your image while protecting your lens. The CPL filter blocks diffused light or sunlight that has been directly reflected toward your lens. Then when you rotate the CPL you can achieve settings that give you awesome color saturation and contrast. Both are made with Japanese optical glass and finished with 16 layers of Gobe’s Multi Resistant Coating which makes the filter scratch resistant and repels water and grease. Gobe as a company has a great mission. As photographers inspired by nature, they want to give back, so for every product sold they plant 5 trees in areas devastated by deforestation.

Features and Compatibility

  • Magnalium frame with optical glass
  • UV filter has visible light transmission of up to 99.6%
  • Finished with 16 layers of Gobe’s Multi-Resistant Coating
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Rated 3Peak (▲▲▲) on the Gobe rating system - Meticulously crafted for professional photographers from the most premium components

What's Included:

  • 1 X UV Filter
  • 1 X CPL Filter
  • 2 X Metal Filter Caps

How to pick the correct filter size?

The filter thread size is actually different than the lens focal length. Usually, the filter thread size for your lens is printed on the front of the outer ring where your lens cap attaches, it'll look like øxx where xx is the filter size in millimeters.

Filter Thread Size