Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 Black and White Negative 35mm Film

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    To Know:

    Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros is an orthopanchromatic black and white negative film characterized by its extremely fine grain structure and wide tonal range. Super Fine Grain Technology is employed to deliver the distinct tight grain structure and alignment along with high acutance and smooth tonal rendering to suit both scanning and enlarging applications. Its medium-speed ISO 100 nominal sensitivity suits working in a variety of outdoor conditions and enhanced reciprocity characteristics also benefit working with longer exposure times.

    What We Love:

    Low ISO 100

    Love a good, clean low ISO for bright sunny days.

    Orthopanchromatic B&W Negative Film

    It's spectral sensitivity doesn't go very far towards the red end of the spectrum.

    Broad Tonal Range and High Sharpness

    Excellent processing characteristics with rich grading and outstanding sharpness.

    The Details:

    Brand: Fujifilm

    Product Type: 35mm and 120 Film

    Best For: Black and white lovers with a need for a film that features the world's highest standard in grain quality among ISO 100 films.

    Samples taken with the NEOPAN ACROS 100 B&W, featuring fine grain and a wide tonal range

    Shot by Cody Turner.

    Shot by Cody Turner.

    Shot by Cody Turner.

    Shot by Cody Turner.

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