Drop-in Lens Mount for iPhone 13

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Device: iPhone 13 Mini

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Now a modular system, drop-in lens mounts will allow the attachment of Moment lenses and filters to iPhone 13. Drop-in Mounts snap in place to ensure perfect optical alignment and are constructed with a strong glass-filled polymer. Drop-in Mounts are only compatible with Moment Case and Clear Case for iPhone 13. iPhone 13 lens and filter compatibility will be tested after phones ship from Apple. Sign up with email to be notified when mounts are available.

* Product image is a representation and will be updated to reflect actual camera data when available from Apple.

Features and Compatibility

  • Design and compatibility will be updated after iPhone 13 ships

  • Only compatible with iPhone 13 Moment or Clear case styles

  • Compatible with M-Series lenses

  • Compatible with M-Series Lens Filter Mount and M-Series Phone Filter Mount

  • High strength composite polymer

  • Comes in a 2-pack