DJI OM 4 Counterweight Bundle

$163.99 $158.99 USD $5.00 off

Grab the all-new OM 4, paired with the Osmo Mobile 3/OM 4 counterweight, this set will make it easier than ever to balance your phone and all your favorite Moment lenses and filters.

Note: Only available in the US and Canada

Compatibility: Overall, we don’t recommend the OM 4 with Moment Lenses. It works fine on smaller, thinner phones, (please see compatibility chart here) but there are better gimbals that work with our lenses like the Osmo 3, Smooth 4, and Freefly Movi.

  • DJI OM 4

  • OM 4 Counterweight

    What does a counterweight do?

    Using a Moment lens with your Osmo 3 is the ultimate filmmaking combo. These thread-on weights allow you to balance your gimbal with our lenses attached, even the heavy ones (#realglass). Shoot smooth cinematic footage with all of our lenses from the Macro to the Anamorphic. No counterweight is needed to use our lenses on most devices (See full compatibility chart).