Zhiyun Crane 3S | Handheld Camera Stabilizer

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    Reengineered for More Ambitious Camera Setup

    It is not simply an upgrade but a reconstruction. CRANE 3S is constructed with brand new SUPER motors which allow for a 6.5kg/14.3lb payload for a wide range of camera models including Canon EOS 1DX, BMPCC 4k/6k, and even Canon Cinema EOS, Sony FS & FX series, and Red Digital Cinema Cameras.

    Top Gimbal Features

    Modular Design. Versatile Shooting

    On CRANE 3S, the handle is detachable with two options provided: TransMount EasySling Handle and TransMount SmartSling Handle. You can either mount EasySling handle to extend the grip for more comfortable upright & underslung operation, or choose to mount the SmartSling handle featuring an intuitive control panel and OLED screen, for direct camera & gimbal parameter adjustment or combine them together!

    shopmoment zhiyun crane 3s_Modular Design Versatile Shooting

    Zero Swinging. Hero Security

    CRANE 3S provides ultimate reliability that users can count on. The reinvented locking system can lock the three axes without noticeable swinging. The modular design is integrated with double locks to ensure the camera is 100% safe on the gimbal during traveling or storage.

    shopmoment zhiyun crane 3s_ secure lock mechanism

    Get Better Workflow at The Studio

    Stay Focused All the Way

    TransMount Image Transmission System supports zoom/focus control via phone app or remote controller. You can even customize the sensitivity of zoom/focus control to your own needs for optimal experience.

    shopmoment zhiyun crane 3s_wireless external monitor

    Improved Zoom & Focus System

    To meet the needs of cinematography, larger lens supports are added to the zoom & focus system. The focus wheel is equipped with a whiteboard for marking a focus range. Zooming can be realized synchronously through SmartSling Handle.

    shopmoment zhiyun crane 3s_Improved Zoom Focus System

    ViaTouch 2.0

    ViaTouch 2.0 bridges the communication gap between your stabilizer, camera, and monitoring devices via a dedicated phone app, allowing you to intuitively adjust various camera and gimbal parameters with perfect synergy.

    shopmoment zhiyun crane 3s_ViaTouch App

    Camera Compatibility List

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