PowerLine III USB-A to Lightning Cable

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Variant: PowerLine III USB-A to Lightning Cable | 3 Feet

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MFi certified to work flawlessly with any device that uses a Lightning connector, with the ability to withstand over 25,000 bends. Transfer movies, music, or an entire photo library in seconds with 480Mbps data speeds. An optimized internal structure means the latest generation of PowerLine is even slimmer than it's predecessors, and, thanks to the dirt-resistant coating, a quick wipe with a wet cloth will have your cable looking as good as new.

Features and Compatibility

  • Built to endure over 25,000 bends
  • 3 or 6 feet in length
  • Easy clean
  • Upgraded connector
  • MFi certified
  • Transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps

Built To Last

This iPhone charger cable will probably outlast your phone

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