1.33x Anamorphic Mobile Lens - Gold & Blue Flare | T-Series - Open Box

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1.33x Anamorphic Mobile Lens - Gold & Blue Flare | T-Series - Open Box

    The 1.33x Anamorphic T-Series Lens is our most cinematic mobile anamorphic yet. With a 20% wider aperture compared with our M-Series family you can unleash the full resolution of the latest generation camera sensors in a super wide 2.40:1 format. This is backed up by a larger three-element design made from HD glass for increased clarity and low-light performance with the same iconic anamorphic flare.

    The Gold Flare edition was inspired by the classic 1.5x Iscorama 54. Less sci-fi and more neutral, this combination give you rich tones and golden flares, with an ultra-wide format that will take your videos to the next level. Whether shooting indoors or during golden hour this lens will make your videos pop.

    The Blue Flare brings that early 1960’s cinematic look to your phone. Inspired by JJ Abrams films, this lens gives you that brighter, sci-fi looking flare when shooting into headlights, street lights, or directional lights.

    Wondering what squeeze to go with? The 1.33x lens is an all-terrain aspect ratio that works great for photo or video with less distortion at the edges. Shooting on 1.55x gives you the most dramatic letterbox image with slightly more softness at the margins for a truly cinematic feel that is perfect for video.

    Works With iPhone 15 - The 1.33x Anamorphic was designed for iPhone 15, Pixel 8, and these new camera phone. T-Series lenses are designed to mount on the main camera of your device. Results may vary when mounted over other lenses.

    Open Box - This item was bought brand new by a previous customer and returned without being used. The product is blemish-free and includes all original accessories in the box. The product may be repackaged or in the original packaging. Because the item has been shipped to a customer and back, the external packaging is likely damaged.

    Packaging: original or repackaged.

    Warranty: 12 months

    Return Timeline: non-returnable

    Note: The displayed images are illustrations, the actual items may differ slightly.

    SKU: U-130-103

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