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Maker of the world’s best tools for mobile photography.

We started this journey three years ago because believe that the future of photography starts in your pocket. The best camera is the one you have with you, and that camera is your phone. We want to make your phone work more like a camera.


10/13 – Founded the company.
1/14 – Lenses on Kickstarter. Raised $450K.
9/14 – Closed a $1.5M seed round.
1/15 – Case on Kickstarter. Raised $693K.
5/16 – Raised $3.0M Series A.
6/16 – Launched in 50 Apple Stores.
2/17 – Moment 2.0 on Kickstarter. Raised $767K.

Latest Announcement: Moment for Pixel 2

Photo Case

When: Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What are we announcing: Moment for Pixel 2.  We are launching our award winning Photo Case and confirming our Lenses are compatible with both devices. Shipping today, you can buy Moment when you pre-order your new Pixel phone.

Specifically we are introducing two new products:

1. Photo Case for Pixel 2 (black canvas and walnut)

2. Photo Case for Pixel 2 XL (black canvas and walnut

What makes these new photo cases unique: These are the only Pixel 2 accessories for people who love their camera phone.

An affordable case for everyone who loves to use their camera phone. Its thin, durable, rubberized body protects your phone from parking lot drops or tree branch scratches. Available in wood or black canvas, the back of the case provides subtle texture, making it easier to take pictures.

  • It’s thin, rubberized body is curved to the edges of the phone to provide the right balance of protection and minimal form.

  • Available in Black Canvas or American Wood (yes that’s real wood). Both were selected because they provide a subtle texture to the back of your phone for easier one handed shooting.

  • You can attach a wrist strap to the bottom for safe phone dropping OR a Moment Lens to the back to capture better moments.

  • Works with the Active Edge on Pixel. With a squeeze of your phone you can snap a picture.

Why This Announcement Matters: Google is pushing the boundaries of mobile photography and Moment is the first accessory company to bring photography products to their new devices. These products have been created for use with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL and have been certified to meet Google’s compatibility standards.

Who Is This For: Everyone on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Where: Available on Moment and the Google Store.


Moment Store

Google Store:

High Res Photos: here.


“ We are honored to bring Moment to the Pixel 2 platform. These camera phones are amazing and we can’t wait to make them even better with our new Photo Case and lenses.” ~ Marc Barros, CEO @ Moment

“Pixel is pushing the boundaries of mobile photography with their camera hardware and apps. We can’t wait to see what people capture with Moment and Pixel.” ~ Marc Barros, CEO @ Moment

Photo Case

Photo Case

The Photo Case is everything we love about minimal photography. Adding only 3mm in thickness to your phone, this is the thinnest lens mountable case we’ve ever made. It’s slim and unobtrusive in your pocket, yet readily available when you want to shoot.

Price: $29.99

Colors: American Dark Walnut OR Black Coated Canvas

Devices: iPhone X, iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7/8 Plus, iPhone 6/6s, and iPhone 6/6s Plus, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel XL 2, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8 Plus.

Product details here.

High res photos here.

Battery Photo Case

Battery Case

The first battery case for mobile photographers.

As a stand-alone battery case, it’s amazing. When you compare it to everything else on the market, you’ll be happy to find that our battery case is thinner, packs a larger battery, is easier to use, has better protection, and includes more charging controls. Call us biased, but this is the best battery case in the world for iPhone 7 and 7+.

What makes this case truly unique are its photography features. Capture better action photos (and selfies) using the electronic, DSLR-like shutter button. Drop your case without concern when your wrist or neck strap is attached to the bottom. Securely attach any of our New Moment Lenses, adding a new perspective to your phone camera.

We designed this case to be your everyday carry, and you’ll never want to go on a trip without it.

Price: $99.99

Color: Black

Devices: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Product details here.

High res photos here.

New Wide Lens

Battery Case

Moment lenses have always been about combining world class lens design with cinema quality glass, to create the best image possible. Our new Moment Wide is without a doubt the best lens we’ve ever made.

Price: $99.99

Devices: Requires a new Moment Photo Case.

Product details here.

High res photos here.

Moment App

Moment iOS 10 App Information


The Moment App is a camera capture app that uses gestures to better control light and focus.
Price: Free

Download: iTunes

The Moment App does three things that are unique.

First, it introduces gestures to better control focus and light (exposure and temperature) when shooting. These simple gestures are fast, easy to use and help to tighten the edges of your picture.

Second, it includes a thumb reachable toolbar so you can quickly switch between photo/video mode, plus turn shooting features on/off. Especially in video mode, frame rate and resolution controls are just a click away.

Third, it works with Moment hardware to bring the best of a DSLR to your phone. The Moment Case features a physical shutter button with half-press and full-press functionality. Moment Lenses add wide, telephoto, and macro perspectives to your phone.

Key Features:

    • Manual Controls: use gestures to manually adjust focus and light (exposure and temperature) while shooting. Double tap the target to separately pinpoint lighting and focus on specific parts of your image. Slide your finger right and left to adjust the entire scene. Slide up and down to pick a new control.
    • 3D Shutter: Using force touch, we turn the shutter button into a two stage shutter button in the app, just like a real camera. Half press to lock onto the subject and then full press on the screen to take a picture. Great for locking onto moving subjects.
    • Raw Photos: Capture JPG, TIFF, and RAW photos. Our Tiff photos are 10x bigger in size with even sharper image clarity than your native camera app, making them perfect for printing.
    • Video Controls: Quickly switch to video mode and shoot at 720(24fps, 30fps, 60fps, 120fps, 240fps), 1080(24fps, 30fps, 60fps), or 4K(24fps, 30fps) on the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, and SE.
    • Adjustable Toolbar: All of your photo and video shooting tools are only a thumbs distance away. Now you can quickly flip between photo/video mode, change the order of your favorite shooting tools, and quickly turn tools on/off to use them.
    • Works With Moment Hardware: This is the only app that works with the Moment Case, which delivers a DSLR-like shutter button on your phone. Designed to be a minimal, everyday case, it’s perfect for capturing better pictures, faster. Plus when you attach a Moment Lens (wide, tele, macro, or superfish) and the app will save your metadata to each photo captured.

This is the only app that works with the Moment Case, which delivers a DSLR-like shutter button on your phone. Designed to be a minimal, everyday case, it’s perfect for capturing better pictures, faster.

Moment Story

Empowering people to share more beautiful moments.

Moment is a group of folks dedicated to making mobile photography better. We’re travelers, photographers, lens engineers, product designers, and app designers who believe the future of photography is in your pocket.

We started Moment because we wanted to be able to take better quality photos on our phones. As picture takers, we used to rely on traditional cameras. But in recent years we have come to realize that the camera we use the most is our phone. Although our phones provide convenience, they lack elements of traditional photography that we love. Existing phone camera accessories were disappointing, so we decided to create the best tools for mobile photography. While we’re starting with lenses, we’re building an entire collection of products for mobile photography.

Moment was started by a collection of experienced builders. Our previous work includes the founding of Contour Cameras, the founding of Cranium, and the engineering of some of the world’s best cinematic lenses.

Founding Team

Marc Barros 

Co-founder and former CEO of Contour Cameras. Started in a garage, Marc led the company from two college grads to a +$30M business, selling product in over 40 countries around the world. He also founded Hardware Workshop to help hardware founders build better companies.

Michael Thomas

Co-founder of Hyperion Development. For three decades, their expert lens development company has delivered tens of thousands complex optical systems. Hyperion’s client list (although confidential) is a who’s who of cinema, semiconductor and aerospace leaders.

Erik Hedberg 

Former Chief Product Designer at Contour, Erik is a talented young designer. A graduate of the University of Washington Industrial Design Program, Erik finished at the top of his class. He is a picture taker, artist, and adventurer.

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