November 21, 2017 @ 9am pst

Latest Announcement: Moment for DJI Osmo Mobile

What are we announcing: Moment for DJI Osmo Mobile. We're bringing the best camera accessories to the DJI Osmo Mobile, unlocking a whole new shooting point of view with Moment Lenses. Available in two sizes, 50g and 100g, our new counter-weight kit perfectly balances your DJI Osmo Mobile while shooting with Moment.

Why This Matters: The DJI Osmo Mobile has taken mobile photography by storm, but to date you weren't able to use any attachable lenses. Now being able to change your field of view when shooting, makes the DJI Osmo Mobile the most complete gimbal on the market. 

Who Is This For: Everyone with DJI Osmo Mobile.

Where Is It Available: The Moment Store.

When Is It Available: Pre-orders available now, shipping December 11th.

Price: $39.99

High Resolution Photos: here.


DJI Osmo Mobile Kit

What Makes The DJI Osmo Mobile Kit Unique: This is the first counter weight ever created that enables you to add Moment Lenses to a mobile gimbal. The kits is available as a 50g or 100g counter weight, supporting all the latest cameras from Apple, Google, and Samsung. 

+ Clips securely on to the arm of the DJI Osmo Mobile.

+ Easy to attach and detach, even in cold weather.

+ 100g size supports Plus phones and 50g supports everything else. 

Price: $39.99

Sizes: Available in two sizes: 50g OR 100g

Device: Works on DJI Osmo Mobile with Moment Photo Case and Lens.

High res photos: here.

Moment Essentials Osmo 50G 4

Photo Case

What Makes The Photo Case Unique: This is the first minimal, protective case for camera lovers. At $30 you can add protection and better photography to your iPhone X.

+ Thin, durable, rubberized body protects your phone from drops and scratches. 

+ Available in black canvas or wood, it’s subtle texture makes one handed shooting easier. 

+ Securely attach a moment lens to the top, just rotate and click it into place. 

+ A standard strap interface is on the bottom of the case to work with your favorite camera or wrist strap.

Price: $29.99

Colors: American Dark Walnut OR Black Canvas

Device: iPhone X

Also available for Pixel 2, Galaxy S8/S8+, and iPhone 6/6s and newer. 

Product details: here.

High res photos: here.

Moment Iphonex Photo Case 6

Battery Photo Case

This is just a prototype. But we hope it is the first wireless battery battery case for camera lovers. We are still in the development phase but we're working to add wireless charging to our existing battery photo case form factor. It's not yet for sale, just showing early prototypes to gather customer feedback.

+ The case will be thin, durable, and protect your new iPhone X. 

+ We are packing a 3,000 mAh battery to provide nearly a full recharge of the phone whether plugged into the wall or using a standard Qi wireless charging pad.

+ On the side is again an electronic DSLR shutter button that snaps photos in the Apple camera app or enables advanced half-press and full-press features in the Moment App. 

+ Securely attach a moment lens to the top, just rotate and click it into place.

TBD Price: $99.99

Color: Black

Device: iPhone X

Moment Battery Photo Case - iPhone X

Moment Quick Facts

A gear and travel company for the aspiring adventurer.

We started this journey four years ago because believe that the future of photography starts in your pocket. The best camera is the one you have with you, and that camera is your phone. We want to make your phone work more like a camera.


10/13 – Founded the company.
1/14 – Lenses on Kickstarter. Raised $450K.
9/14 – Closed a $1.5M seed round.
1/15 – Case on Kickstarter. Raised $693K.
5/16 – Raised $3.0M Series A.
6/16 – Launched in 50 Apple Stores.
2/17 – Moment 2.0 on Kickstarter. Raised $767K.
10/17 – Moment for Pixel 2, S8/S8+, and iPhone 8/8+
11/17 - Moment for iPhone X

Moment Story

Inspiring people to get out, to go.

Moment is a group of folks dedicated to making mobile photography better. We’re travelers, photographers, lens engineers, product designers, and app designers who believe the future of photography starts in your pocket.

We originally started Moment because we wanted to be able to take better quality photos on our phones. As picture takers, we used to rely on traditional cameras. But in recent years we have come to realize that the camera we use the most is our phone. Although our phones provide convenience, they lack elements of traditional photography that we love. Existing phone camera accessories were disappointing, so we decided to create the best tools for mobile photography. While we starting with lenses, we've build Moment into a gear and travel company for adventurers.

Founding Team

Moment was started by a collection of experienced builders. Our previous work includes the founding of Contour Cameras, the founding of Cranium, and the engineering of some of the world’s best cinematic lenses.

Marc Barros 

Co-founder and former CEO of Contour Cameras. Started in a garage, Marc led the company from two college grads to a +$30M business, selling product in over 40 countries around the world. He also founded Hardware Workshop to help hardware founders build better companies.

Michael Thomas

Co-founder of Hyperion Development. For three decades, their expert lens development company has delivered tens of thousands complex optical systems. Hyperion’s client list (although confidential) is a who’s who of cinema, semiconductor and aerospace leaders.

Erik Hedberg 

Former Chief Product Designer at Contour, Erik is a talented young designer. A graduate of the University of Washington Industrial Design Program, Erik finished at the top of his class. He is a picture taker, artist, and adventurer.

Moment Team T3 2017