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MIFF 2024

Come Make A Film With Us

Finally, it’s back!

We’re extremely excited to announce the start of the 7th Moment Invitational Film Festival (MIFF). MIFF is like summer school for filmmakers. We’re learning together, creating together, and celebrating together when we’re all done.

This year we have over $100k of cash and gear prizes on the line for those who want to push the limits and show the world what can be shot on a phone.

There are 5 different categories to enter, an epic 2 day filmmaker workshop, and then one massive premiere to celebrate everyone!

Made possible by Moment, Artlist, WANDRD, Joby, Lume Cube, Zhiyun, & Apex Photo Studios.

The Timeline:

  • June 25th - Start of MIFF season
  • July 27th - Workshop tickets go on sale
  • July 13th/14th - In-person Workshop in Los Angeles
  • July 27th/28th - Online Filmmaker Workshop
  • September 23rd - Submissions Close
  • October 1st - Voting Starts
  • October 17th - Live Premiere!

The Categories:

Make a film that falls into one of five categories.


Drive us to tears, anguish, or pure suspense with a story from the heart.


Seek thrill by diving deep, climbing high, or wandering aimlessly. Winner of this category goes to the best film capturing the spirit of the wild in the areas of sand, snow, water, and/or rock.

Music Video

Create the perfect visual journey to accompany an incredible song.


Tell a true story. Help us learn what makes someone or something special.


Get a little weird and wild with your experimental film. Up to your interpretation.

The Prizes:

  • Six brands have put together over $100k in cash and gear to empower the next generation of filmmakers
  • $10k Filmmakers’ Choice - The judges will determine who the Filmmaker of the Year is. They’ll go home with $5,000 in cash and over $5,000 in gear prizes
  • $5k (5) Category Winners - Our judges will also help bring the finalists down to the winner of each category. They’ll each leave with $2500 in cash and $2500 in gear in prizes each.
  • $1k (10) Category Finalists - The remaining finalists will all still go home with over $1,000 in gear prizes
  • Enter a Film to Win - Your entry to MIFF will earn you $50 gear store credit & $50 digital goods credit to spend on ShopMoment.

The Filmmaker Workshop:

  • This is the mobile filmmaking workshop of the year. Learn the skills needed to plan, shoot, and edit your mobile - all on your phone. 6 pro filmmakers take you through the process from start to finish, breaking down gear, techniques, and more. Wayyyy cheaper than film school.
  • Colleen YuNiles JeranMia MoranElliott WalkerSam Newton & Sergio Villasano
  • Join the 6 pros LIVE in Los Angeles on July 13th & 14th for an exclusive MIFF in-person workshop opportunity
  • Or pre-order the digital course of the Filmmaker Workshop
  • Tickets go on sale 6/27, online workshop available late July.

The Premiere:

  • Submissions for MIFF are open until September 23rd, which then they’ll go into the voting stage for our judges & community to help decide who wins the categories and awards
  • On October 17th we’ll be live in Los Angeles at a Landmark Theatre for the big premiere, with a pre-recorded livestream available for the whole world to find out live who wins MIFF 2024
  • Tickets for the premiere are on sale now on FilmFreeway.