Kaitlyn Harris

A Southern California native now thriving in Phoenix, finds joy in capturing life's moments through her point-and-shoot film camera.

Brands Worked With

  • Kodak Plus
  • Wilson Camera

Creative Interests

  • Film photography
  • Scrapbook Journaling
  • Postcard-Collecting

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Kaitlyn Harris


Kaitlyn Harris, originally from Southern California and now a dedicated film photographer based in Arizona, embarked on her analog journey in 2020. Armed with her beloved point-and-shoot camera, the Canon AF35M, she skillfully captures the charm of landscapes and architecture. Passionate about sharing the magic of film photography, Kaitlyn encourages others to embrace their own visual storytelling adventures. When she’s not shooting film, you can find Kaitlyn at the nearest coffee shop, enjoying a flat white, and scrapbook journaling about her recent travels.