Danny Feng

Danny Feng

Creative producer and founder at Feng Production; a creative production agency based in Berlin Germany.

Brands Worked With

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Moment

Creative Interests

  • Photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Creative Direction

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Danny Feng

Danny Feng

Danny Feng, born in Cyprus, has been on a creative journey since the age of 15. Originally aspiring to be a sound engineer, he studied in the UK and began freelancing there. While attempting to establish his sound engineering business, Danny simultaneously began learning how to use a camera to promote his work through photos and videos. As word of his talents spread, friends and friends of friends began to request his video services, leading Danny to fall in love with the art of visual storytelling. Realizing the potential for a business, he focused more on video and photo creation, which eventually made more money than his sound work. Fast forward to today, Danny is the proud owner of a creative production agency based in Berlin, Germany. His team focuses on branded and social media productions, creative development, and strategies to ensure the success of their clients. Danny's passion for creativity and storytelling drives his work, allowing him to provide top-notch services to his clients.