Chris Newell

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Hey there! I'm Chris, a photographer/ fine artist currently experimenting with art making somewhere in Indianapolis, or at home in Chicago!

Creative Interests

  • Street photography
  • Music Production
  • Mental Health
Gear Guide Chris Gear Guide Chris | placeholder

About Chris

My favorite thing to do is inspire others with creating self expression through art making. I am one of those "Idea Guys" who can look at some thing and wonder about the possibilities by always staying curious. From time to time I will teach an "Today at Apple" session for photography to demonstrate what it means to use the greatest image making tool of all time, the human eye. If I'm not doing that then I am making music with my friends, or working on commercial photography/videography work locally. My focus is in photography are typically with fashion, street photography, self portrait, or lifestyle. If you want to see more of my work, you can go to my VSCO page! My user name is: blackjedi773 (all of my work on that page is shot on iPhone).