Vuhlandes is a photographer based in Detroit, MI. His surroundings have influenced a unique style: street, gritty, yet clean. Through his images, Vuhlandes aims to capture the raw emotion of his subjects in an honest manner.

Through this grant, he set out to encourage and create an opportunity for this community to submit a project they’ve always wanted to create. These grants were designed for those who wish to get started, but didn’t know how.

The theme around this grant is shooting a story that’s close to home. Creating an environmental narrative around family, neighborhood, homestate, or anything that reflects you and your “home”.

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Kameron McDonald

“History, fellowship, and love is only a part of what makes my city 'TheGreat Life City'. It's one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S., but I see it as one of the most beautiful. You won't really know what it's like unless you live it. I would rather call another place home.

This is Albany, Georgia."

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Taesirat Yusuf

“The Photo-project Ntutu is about celebrating the vintage hairstyles of different tribes in Nigeria and showcasing them to the world.

The hairstyle shown in image one is known as “Ile gogoro” a style peculiar to the Yoruba tribe which depicts a highrise building/skyscraper and this is done with a rubber thread(irun kiko)..."

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Elliot Fuerniss

“I’ve lived in Georgia my entire life. No matter how hard I’ve tried to leave it's like I’m glued to this state. I’m beginning to think I’m still here because there is photographic work that needs to be made first before I fly the coop. Work that pertains to the interrogative nature of what home is and how it might inform who I am. I’m curious as to what occurs to humanity writ large as our nascent public and private memories mutate further and further from the truth of our lived experiences..."

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Loreal Salter-Dodson

“Detroit is well known for its rich and historic car culture. A perspective that a lot of people don’t get to see is that transportation is not easily accessible to a large amount of the population of a place known as the “Motor City.” Detroiters are so proud of their vehicles not only because of the cities’ reputation, but because of all the barriers people are forced to overcome in order to get the vehicle..."

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Vivian Han-Tat

"The title “Say It With Fruits” is a play on the slogan “Say It With Flowers” which was adopted in the early 1900s, a time when the language of flowers gained popularity becoming a means of complex coded communication. Using particular blooms for ‘I love you’ or floral scents for an unreciprocated refusal, Victorians were able to send messages to each other when strictures at the time made it impossible to do so openly..."

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Vivian Say It With Fruit Dragonfruit
Vivian Say It With Fruit Dragonfruit 1
Vivian Say It With Fruit Guava 1

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