Wallets come in all shapes and sizes. From slim to thicker, leather and hard-shell, crossbody, and even ones that magnetically attach to your phone. We've got the whole range to match your pockets or bag.

Learn more about Wallets

Wallets get to be a part of human lives right from a younger age. As soon as you start getting cash and cards, it would be best if you had something to store them in. And well, the best thing that anyone could store the cash and cards in – is a wallet. While it gets to be a part of our lives at a younger age, we use them for a long time.

Wallets are usually selected based on their functionality and style. While someone would prefer functionality over style, someone else would prefer otherwise. But – no worries – as we have it all in our store. Whatever you need, we provide.

Different types of Wallet

There is a wide variety of wallets available in our store. So, you can select one – based on your needs. But before you go ahead and start selecting, let’s see the different types of wallets we offer.

Crossbody Wallets

If you are someone who loves to carry more things than cash and cards in your wallet, then this is something you should be looking into. Crossbody wallets – while acting like slings – are smaller in size. They are made to carry specific important things that are in your everyday use. Also, while you can definitely wear it across your body with crossbody straps, you can carry this wallet on your wrist using a wrist strap.

You won’t have to worry about the strap sizes with our crossbody wallets as the body strap is adjustable from being 31 inches to 55 inches in length. Also, if you love premium leather wallets, we have got you covered here as well. We offer the crossbody wallets in a couple of genuine signature leather options – while the remaining ones are vegan. So, whichever side you fall on, we got you.

Travel/Bifold Wallets

Bifold Wallets are one of the most popular men’s wallets. In the earlier times, this was the traditional wallet that anyone would select while looking for men’s wallets. While things have changed right now as we started carrying more and more cards, these remain to be one of the most popular ones.

A Bifold Wallet is also the best Travel Wallet as it helps you carry most of your important cards, a little bit of cash as well as your passport. Also, they come with RFID protection while still being available in some premium leather options.

Money Clip Wallets

These are considered to be one of the latest styles of wallets – to carry just the essentials. Most of these wallets come equipped with RFID blocking technology which would prevent wireless theft from your card. And in this day and age, an RFID blocking wallet seems like a necessity when we pay using cards – for the most part.

While these are great wallets to carry any card – including your ID card, they are also great to carry some spare cash. As the name suggests, they have clips attach to either side of the wallet where you can clip on your additional cash. Some of these wallets are also available with cash straps instead of clips, making them back pocket-friendly.

Slim Wallets

If you are someone looking to have a minimal wallet and don’t want to have the bulk of other wallets, this is a great alternative. The Slim Wallets don’t have any extra features as other wallets would. It is basically the wallet where you can store some folded bills and a few cards – nothing more than that.

Slim Wallets can give you a look and feel of a traditional wallet – while being lighter and easy to carry. They can easily fit in your pocket – and carry most of the basic things that a wallet should. An easy recommendation to have one by your side!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wallets are something that we use every day. Also, we don’t change them often, so it is important to select the right wallet. And we know that you might have some questions. So, we prepared this list of some of the most frequently asked questions to help you make an easy decision.

Do you carry wallets for both – men and women?


We carry men’s wallets as well as women’s wallets. While some of these – like the Money Clip Wallets – can be easily used by both, we offer the traditional men’s and women’s wallets in our store. Also, these are not particularly made for either side – so you can use any of these – depending on the style and the needs you have.

Which color is the best for men’s wallet?

The answer to this depends on your choice. A black wallet can be the most casual one – but a Tan-colored wallet will be equally good – if that’s what you like. We also have other options like Blue, Brown, Navy – and some wallets – like the ridge wallet even have carbon fiber!

Is there a slim-style pocket wallet available in your store?

Yes – we do carry a slim-style pocket wallet in our store.

A slim wallet will be the top choice for a minimalist. It has easy-to-access pockets where you won’t have to search for a long time to get a single card. Also, you can fold your bills and stash them in the given cash pocket.

I carry quite a few cards and a few bills. But overall, I need more credit card slots. Which wallet will you recommend for that?

If you want to store more cards and just a little bit of cash, then the best option here would be to go for a Money Clip Wallet – like the Ridge Wallet. This would allow you to store 1-12 cards without stretching out – while the cash will be stored on the outside using a money clip or a money strap. Going for this won’t disappoint you, and it’s an easy recommendation.

I need to buy a trifold wallet. Do you carry any trifold wallets?

Unfortunately, we don’t carry a trifold wallet yet. However, if you are looking for a smaller form factor that a trifold wallet offers, you can definitely check out some of the slim sleeve wallets. They are pretty small and can easily carry your essentials – overall, just a great minimal wallet.

Do you carry premium aluminum or carbon fiber wallets?

Yes, we do.

Keeping the latest wallet trends and styles in mind, we know about the need for premium aluminum and carbon fiber wallets. So, we carry both of these types in the form of a money clip wallet. They are small, easy-to-use, and premium wallets – that can be used by everyone.

What is the price of wallets?

The price of wallets depends on the style you are looking for. Not only that, but even within the same category of wallets, there can be different prices.

The crossbody wallets start at 49.99 USD – but if you want to go for the leather options, it will cost you 69.99 USD. A Bifold Wallet will cost 89 USD on the lower end, while the higher end will go up to 119 USD. Money Clip Wallets also show a similar range, with the aluminum version being priced at 85 USD and the carbon fiber one at 125 USD. Slim wallets can be bought at 79 USD – with any color.

Is there a lifetime guarantee on the wallets you sell?

The answer here is - No.

The warranty on wallets will be different from one brand to another. As a marketplace, we sell wallets from different brands that offer a minimum warranty for 2 years. You will also find a few wallets that come with 3 years of warranty.

Our very own Crossbody wallets have a 2-year warranty policy – like most other Moment products. If you face any issues within that time period, we will be by your side.

What brands do you carry?

Other than our own Moment wallets, we carry Bellroy and The Ridge in our shop.

These brands allow us to offer the customer a wide variety of wallets to select from. They also allow us to offer wallets that cater to the needs of our customers. If you need any wallet from these brands, you are at the right place.

Wrap Up

Wallets are an essential part of our life. We start using them at a younger age – but continue to use them till the end. While we may not be using the same wallet over such a long time, we would still likely use them for multiple years – which makes investing in them worth it.

While the world is slowly going digital, wallets are still here to stay. If you need any help in selecting a wallet based on your needs or if you face any issues along the process of purchase, you can reach out to one of our Gear Guides. They will love to help you out.