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Trade in your used original lenses and get your unique coupon so you can upgrade to the Moment gear that matters most to you.


How much will I receive?

Estimated Trade-In Credit Values

Estimated Trade Credit

Is my lens eligible for trade-in?

Ask yourself, “Would I give this lens to someone I care about?”

  • If YES: Chances are you’ve got a great looking product that can be traded in. 
  • If NO: You probably have a well-traveled lens. It may be ready for retirement. Put it up on a shelf, or frame it to remember the good times. You two probably made some incredible memories together.


Will the trade in program end?
The trade-in program doesn't currently have an end date. We're in it for the long haul!

Can I trade in V2 lenses or cases? 
Unfortunately the trade in program only currently works with Version 1 Moment lenses. 

Can I trade in more than 4 lenses? 
Yes, you can trade in more than 4 lenses, however, each lens additional is still valued in increments of $25.00 dollars.

Can I receive a partial credit for cracked/broken lenses?
The trade-in program only accepts slightly used/like-new products. Moment is not responsible for returning unacceptable units or products that are denied by the trade-in program.

What happens if my product is denied for trade-in?
If your product is broken, cracked, or deemed unacceptable for trade-in, you will be responsible for submitting a return label to receive your units back.

Can I use my credit towards anything in the store?
Yes, the in store credit is designed to work with any product in the Moment store however, it cannot be stacked with additional coupons codes.

How long does it take for me to receive my credit?
Trade-in’s will be processed on a weekly basis. Please allow 7-10 business days from when your product is received for your trade-in to be processed.

Can I trade in an original lens with a lens adapter attached?
Yes, original lenses with lens adapters mounted on are completely acceptable.

Can I receive cash for my trade-in instead of credit?
Unfortunately we cannot issue cash for trade-ins.

I bought my Moment lenses from a different site, can I still trade in my stuff?
Absolutely! You don’t need to purchase your lenses directly from our site in order to trade them in. Whether you bought them from Amazon, B&H, or even a family or friend, as long as your lens is in good condition, we’ll take it!

I just bought my Original lenses recently; they are barely used. Can I get more than $25? 
All lenses still follow the same 30 day return policy. Whether you purchased your lenses three months or three years ago, there will not be an extra trade in value for newly bought lenses. If you are looking to resell your product at full cost, the trade in program may not be right for you. We recommend using third party sites if you are looking to resell rather than trade-in.