What Is a Photo Trip?

What is even a photo trip and what does it entail? I'm here to tell you why you should consider a group photo trip with Moment Travel and what you'll learn.

What Is a Photo Trip?

What Is a Photo Trip?

And Why Choose A Moment One...

Every once in a great while, there is something that totally changes the overall outlook of your life. For me, my love for photography has come in waves of two: it’s either a source of inspiration that uplifts me to produce better work, or a trip that reminds me just how beautiful the world and its inhabitants are. For me, a Moment Travel trip served this purpose for not only myself, but for everyone else involved. It has become both of these things all at once — we needed it, we loved it, we cherished it.

But, what is even a photo trip and what does it entail? What’s Moment Travel and what makes their particular photos trips so special compared to what you may normally see from other companies? Having been personally on multiple group travel excursions that serve a variety of different purposes, I’m here to tell you that Moment Travel was by far the most precious and near and dear to my heart. You learn a lot, you love a lot, and you make friends along the way that you wouldn’t otherwise be given the opportunity to.

So, let’s dive in on why..



Getting that sweet shot.

Everyone's so connected, they get married. ;)

I mean, come on.

Congrats to @isaacwittman and @srnhong. Photo by @ashlyn_noelle.

What Is a Photo Trip, Anyway?

Guides with boundless creativity and ample travel experience lead participants through a unique 3,5, or 7 day photography retreat that is equal parts immersive, proactive, and inspirational. I jump at the chance to chat with friends about photo trips, not just because they’re housed at breathtaking locations around the globe, but because there’s a connection between travel and creativity — it celebrates the importance of not just finding your artistic voice, but listening to it… both in photography and in life.

The term “photo trip” almost seems too light to describe the hefty feelings you’ll catch when traversing unique corners of the world with fellow like-minded strangers. These trips are much different than your average out-of-town workshop or retreat — you’ll actually feel inspired and ready to get to work again; not drained or lackadaisical. It's an adventure.

Equipped with excellent guided editing reviews or photography lessons on portraits or street subjects, there’s local food endeavors and hikes just waiting to be traversed. It’s not a workshop molded by a perfectly strict schedule, but rather a chance to get to know yourself as a photographer than ever before. You’ll be presented with fresh opportunities to capture the subject matter you’ve always dreamt of — all alongside a professional who can provide helpful feedback and insight to the area you are both traveling in.

Take the plunge and try group travel, it’s not what you think...

The term “group travel” often conjures a negative stereotype of a packaged experience bound by a beautiful pink ribbon of fakery. It is though it has become a buzzword for the lazy, inexperienced tourist that is frightened by independent thought. I say this so matter-of-fact because I once believed both of these things so wholeheartedly. Yikes.

For the longest time, I was a total solo-travel snob. As an outdoor photographer and writer, I’m always on the go and found that solo travel was the most exhilarating. A headstrong, she-wolf know-it-all who could think of nothing worse than arriving in a small village in Norway in a shiny white tour bus and being ushered like livestock through a local farm. Though, to my utter shock, that same trip to Norway caused me to ponder seriously: are travel experiences better shared amongst a small group of like-minded individuals?

Yes. Yes, they are.

Our friend, Kyle, during blue hour.

Coffee break!

Lofoten Islands.


So, Why Moment Travel?

Moment travel is unlike any other group travel excursion I’ve been on before. It’s a beautifully crafted itinerary with thoughtful, intentional activities planned by a professional photographer that knows the area like the back of their hand. It’s photography lessons meets authentic travel; a whirlwind of unique pursuits that you wouldn’t normally see on Trip Advisor.

I’ll never forget my trip to Norway’s infamous Lofoten Islands with Moment back in February of 2019. 12 people total: 1 photo guide, 1 local vendor, 1 excellent driver, and 9 adventure-hungry travelers. By day, we’d soar the open roads to shoot at beautiful photo spots; by night, we’d chased the green lady and her lovely, majestic hues. We’d stuff our faces with cold cuts and bread (a classic European continental breakfast option) and coffee in the morning to fuel our creative juices throughout our journey. We’d then compile our favorite images throughout the day and showcase them over dinner and mulled wine. Laughs, productive conversations, and creative collaborations for a full 7-day photography expedition — doesn’t get any better than that.

Max Chesnut, our lovely photo guide, was nothing less than extraordinary. His enthusiasm for photography was unmatched, and everyone loved him. Because he’s been numerous times before, he knows the Lofoten islands like the back of his hand, making the trip that much more special and rewarding.

Moment Travel also hires locals or people with super slick local knowledge that offer others the best insider information there is. They’re able to recommend the best restaurants and bars to visit, including some untouched photo spots that are best for photographers. In all my years of traveling, I have never regretted hiring a guide at a heritage site or for a nature trek. The expertise of an excellent local guide is priceless. From pinpointing off-road diners, music venues, reading spots, and beaches, to having stories to complement each location. Our local assistant and friend, Jonas, was far more than incredible. He was not only someone to hang with and get to know, but he safely accommodated everyone from place and place and did so in an exciting fashion. And our driver, Mikola, was one of the most precious human beings in existence. He even jumped inside a freezing lake and Breakfast Club’ed it up with his hands in the air for some excellent photographic content.

Making friends in Japan.


The bustling streets of Japan.

Our driver in Norway making his entrance out of the freezing water!

The lone Icelandic road.



What You’ll Learn…

Each trip is different to what the participants will learn, of course. They’re catered to the likes of the photographers’ expertise and location of choice featuring 1:1 meetings and curated lessons. When traveling Norway, we’d learn how to capture the tall mountains in the winter’s natural light, but in Japan, you might acquire knowledge on street photography in the bustling streets of Tokyo. Technical photography skills aren’t where it stops, however, travellers will be able to leave their trip knowing how to regain confidence in their craft and feel ready to work again. Your legs will be sore from local hikes, bellies full from local cuisine, and hearts enamored from the sense of community you’ll touch.

It’s a truly rewarding experience from beginning to end.

Our guide, Tristan, making new friends.

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