Webcam Kit

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Forget a stand-alone webcam, just mount our best-selling wide lens to your laptop and get a wider image for your office setup. This set includes one our bestselling Wide Lens, perfect for capturing more than you ever could with your laptop camera alone, plus everything else you would need to get started. Mount works with pretty much any phone and most laptop webcams (anything thinner than 10.75mm). For the newest laptops (i.e. 16" Macbook Pro), you'll want our M-series Lens Mount and M-Series lenses instead for the best results.

  • Lens Mount

  • Wide 18mm Lens

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    "I just want to say that I just got my New Lens Clip and now my zoom conference calls are SO MUCH BETTER, so THANK YOU @Moment!!"

    - @codymturner

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