Zhiyun Weebill 2 - Camera Gimbal

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    Meet the Weebill 2

    Introducing the WEEBILL-2, a handheld 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that's designed to be slightly larger than its predecessor. With a powerful Infineon sensor, it supports up to 7.3 lb, ensuring enhanced stability and responsiveness for smooth operation. Featuring a convenient 2.9" flip-out color touchscreen display, you can easily adjust settings, monitor shots, and access functions like panorama, time-lapse, and motion-lapse directly on the stabilizer. The focus control wheel allows seamless electronic focus, aperture, and ISO control for compatible cameras and lenses, making it a versatile tool for your creative needs.

    Top Gimbal Features

    Unique Robust Build

    Weebill 2 combines well-crafted lines with an artistic structure to bring the new stabilizer into life. A creative rotatable flip-out touch screen to make every feature and operation easier.


    Effort-Saving Sling Grip

    With the classic structure and sling grip design in Which is the Best for You?, An effort-saving sling mode is within reach with no extensions added and structure altering. Easy to switch modes and works great when shooting low angles.

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    Focus Control Wheel

    The focus control wheel supports adjustments on the roll axis, aperture, ISO, electronic/mechanical follow focus, and zoom (when used with follow focus motor).

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    PD Fast Charging Support

    Weebill 2 supports fast charging. Charging time can be minimized to 1.6 hours and the maximum runtime can reach 9 hours. The stabilizer can still work while charging.

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    MasterEye Visual Controller VC100

    1920×1080FHD 5.5 inches touch screen with 400 PPI and 1000nit extra brightness. 1200:1 high contrast offers high-quality footage. An integration of monitor, wireless image transmission, and remote control. Easy to carry with high performance. Skin-friendly silicone handle with an ergonomic and all-in-one modular design. Highly efficient without complicated cable-plugging.

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    Accurate Focus/Zoom Control and Motion Sensor Control

    Paired with a focus/zoom control motor to adjust focus or focal length. Supports customized adjustment of focus control sensitivity in three levels: Low/Medium/High. Try motion sensor control for more convenient high-level filming and switch stabilizer modes and repositioning with the 2.88" touch screen display.

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