Wasabi Power

Sony NP-F700 L Series

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Variant: Sony NP-F700 L Series - Single Battery

This Wasabi Power battery replaces the Sony NP-F730, NP-F750, NP-F760, NP-F770 battery pack. It features 4900mAh made with premium grade-a cells, providing a longer run-time between charges, maximum battery life, and a 3-year manufacturer warranty. It is also completely compatible with all Sony original equipment including the Sony charger.

Features and Compatibility


  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for Sony NP-F730, NP-F750, NP-F760, NP-F770 L Series
  • Rated at 3.6V and 1600mAh for longer battery life
  • Premium Grade A cells for longer battery life with no memory effect
  • Compatible Cameras: CCD-SC55, SC65, CCD-TR67, CCD-TR76, CCD-TR87, CCD-TR516, TR555, CCD-TR716, CCD-TR818, CCD-TR910, TR917, TR930, TR940, CCD-TR3000, CCD-TR3300, CCD-TRV15, CCD-TRV25, CCD-TRV36, TRV37, CCD-TRV41, TRV43, TRV46, CCD-TRV51, TRV57, TRV58, CCD-TRV62, TRV65, TRV66, TRV67, TRV68, CCD-TRV72, TRV75, CCD-TRV81, TRV82, TRV85, TRV87, TRV88, CCD-TRV90, TRV91, TRV93, TRV95, TRV98, TRV99, CCD-TRV101, CCD-TRV215, CCD-TRV615, CCD-TRV715, CCD-TRV815, DCR-SC100, DCR-TR7000, DCR-TRV7, DCR-TRV9, DCR-TRV110, TRV120, TRV130, DCR-TRV210, DCR-TRV310, TRV315, TRV320, DCR-TRV510, TRV520, TRV525, DCR-TRV720, DCR-TRV820, DCR-TRV900, DCR-VX2000, DCR-VX2100, FDR-AX1, GV-D200, GV-D700, HVL-LBPB, HDR-AX2000, HDR-FX1, HDR-FX7, HDR-FX1000, HVR-HD1000U, HVR-V1U, HVR-Z1U, HVR-Z5U, HVR-Z7U, HXR-MC2000U, HXR-NX5, HXR-NX100, PXW-Z150, NEX-EA50UH, NEX-FS100U, NEX-FS700U


    • Charge 2 Sony NP-F730, NP-F750, NP-F760, NP-F770 L Series batteries simultaneously
    • Universal power from any USB source
    • Works with the original Sony batteries; Smart LED indicates when charging is complete and prevents battery from overcharging