Premium Accessory Straps

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Premium Accessory Straps

    The same overall usability as the original Accessory Straps only better; the new Premium Accessory Straps have upgraded hardware and better functionality. WANDRD designed Custom Metal Gatekeeper Hardware for strength and durability and added a Magnetic Quick Release Buckle to help you more seamlessly secure/remove your gear. The Dual Adjust System has a long side for general adjustments and a short side for micro-adjustments, which allows you to quickly and perfectly secure a wide array of gear to your pack. They've updated the logo to a reflective print to increase your visibility at night and designed a new roll-and-velcro webbing tail management system, so your straps always look good, and there aren’t any loose ends dangling.

    SKU: ASPM-RD-1

    Tech Specs

    Min. Length5.125"
    Max. Length20"