Moment Open Box Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy

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Color: Black

    A Galaxy Case for Creators

    Our Case brings the best of a camera (subtle grip, attachable lenses, and a strap) and combines it with the traditions of a super rugged case...all without the bulk. It's sleek enough for streetwear, but rugged enough so that when you drop it — everything stays in tack. The perfect dress for your already-sexy Galaxy.

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    When To Use It

    • Everyday: Slim and minimal, this is the perfect case for daily use.
    • Night out: Wear it around your wrist or in your back pocket.
    • Traveling: Light and easy to carry with textured materials for easier grip.
    • Outdoors: Fits in pockets and attaches onto straps for easy carry.
    • Taking Pictures: Curved edges and a textured back for one-handed shooting.
    Galaxy Case - Holding up the Case in mid-air with an Anamorphic Lens.

    What You Should Know

    • It protects your phone from drops.
    • Minimal thickness to fit in your pocket.
    • Attach a wrist strap to the bottom.
    • Works with all our lenses except the Original Lenses.
    • Supports Qi Wireless Charging.
    Galaxy Case - Phone on a tripod on top of a car while woman adjusts settings.

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