Variable ND Filters Plus+

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Variable ND Filters Plus+

    Urth Variable Neutral Density Filters (VND Filters) block out 1 to 5 f-stops or 3 to 7 f-stops of light so you can use wider apertures in low variable light for shallower depth of field effects, and slower shutter speeds for long exposure effects without overexposing your images. Videographers can use our ND2-32 and ND8-128 Variable ND Filter Plus+ to create more cinematic effects in bright and changing light.

    The Plus+ range features 20 layers of nano-coating providing easier cleaning and better protection against water, oil, and scratches. These layers also provide a higher maximum light transmission and a more consistent transmission curve for truer light reduction.

    SKU: UNDX32PL49

    Tech Specs

    Filter TypeVariable ND2-32 or ND8-128
    Coating20-Layer Nano Coating
    GlassGerman SCHOTT B270
    Sizes37mm / 43mm / 49mm / 58mm / 62mm / 67mm / 72mm / 77mm
    Density0.3 to 1.5 (1 to 5 stops)
    EffectCuts Light by 50% to 96.87%
    Density0.9 to 2.1 (3 to 7-stops)
    EffectCuts Light by 87.5% to 99.22%

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