Lens Mount Adapter for Fujifilm X

$33.00 USD
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Variant: M42 Lens to Fujifilm X Camera Body adapter

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Urth Fujifilm X Lens Mount Adapters let you pair third-party lenses with your Fujifilm X camera. Unlock new creative combinations and utilize vintage lenses with our premium lens mount adapters. Made with premium hardened magnalium, a snug fit, and anti-reflection matte black paint for better creative possibilities.

The Urth's Lens Mount Adapter is manual so most automatic functions like aperture, autofocus, AE metering, and image stabilization must be adjusted manually. Exposure settings need to be set manually too.

Features and Compatibility

  • Combine third-party lenses with any Fujifilm X mount camera and explore new lens combinations.
  • Meticulously machined for a snug, light-sealed, and secure connection.
  • Automatic functions are not supported with this adapter. You need to manually adjust focus and exposure settings.
  • Easy to mount and dismount.
  • Machined from hardened aluminum and copper, coated in an anti-reflection matte finish.
  • This Urth adapter funds local communities to plant 5 trees in areas affected by deforestation.


  • 2.51kg CO2 created
  • 1537.5kg CO2 sequestered
  • 600x positive impact

To find out more information about the impact of this Urth product, view Urth's Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) report here


How to Use a Lens Adapter

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