Video Conferencing Ultimate Kit

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Our pro webcam setup at an affordable price. More versatile than a dedicated webcam you can move this set between your laptop and tablet without having to plug in a dedicated cable. The included Lens Mount fits over the top of your tablet or laptop and includes a padded, screen safe thumbscrew to tighten into place. Our 18mm Wide Lens captures up to 2x more picture so you get a wide, HD quality image. While the top of the mount includes a cold shoe mount so you can slide a video conferencing light or microphone to the top.

Key Features

  • All iPads without a case
  • iPad Pros 2018 and newer with a case
  • MacBooks 2013 and newer without a case.
  • Any laptop/tablet screen 2.5-10mm thick
  • Any product that can connect to a female cold shoe (most likely lights or mics)
  • Not compatible with Moment O-series Lenses
  • Includes 18mm Wide Lens.
  • Laptop and Tablet Mount - Lens & Cold Shoe

  • Moment Wide Lens

  • Choose Your Light:

  • Choose Your Mic:

  • Choose Your Adapter Cable:

    Laptop or Tablets

    With fully padded contact points and a simple machined aluminum thumbscrew, it’s easy to clamp the lens mount onto your laptop or tablet without scratching the screen. Simply slide it on and tighten into place for a secure fit that won’t slip off.

    Moment laptop lens mount JM 07 1

    Lens Ready

    With a built in lens mount, it’s easy to add our cinema quality wide lens. Fit more on screen and give your video calls new life with twice the field of view and sharp image quality.

    107 014 Moment laptop lens mount 3 withlens 2

    Add A Light or Mic

    Dial in your video calls like a pro by adding any light or mic with the built-in cold shoe mount. Good audio and lighting will go a long way for making you look and sound better on screen.

    107 014 Moment cold shoe mount 7