Supreme Basic Kit for 35mm/120 Film Scanning

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Supreme Basic Kit for 35mm/120 Film Scanning

    Created for lovers of 35mm and 120 films, you can affordably jump into the world of film scanning with this comprehensive kit! Including Negative Supply's basic film carriers for 35mm and 120 film, a solid copy stand, and a high-quality 99 CRI light source, this kit includes everything you need to scan the most popular film formats.


    What's in store for you when you get
    the Supreme Basic Kit

    Basic Film Carrier 35

    Being both affordable and incredibly simple to use, the Basic Film Carrier 35 guarantees fast and sharp scans of your 35mm film, both for cut strips or uncut rolls.

    Basic Film Carrier 120

    Quickly and easily scan up to 6x9cm negatives in a single capture. Guarantees film flatness with a magnetic hinge mechanism, full rolls can be scanned in 60 seconds or less.

    4x5 Light Source Basic (99 CRI) or Light Source Mini

    Select from two of Negative Supply's most popular light sources specifically designed for scanning photographic film. Compact and bright, these are great light pads for both color and black-and-white film. See the breakdown below.

    Basic Riser MK2

    With a solid aluminum base and machined aluminum head, Negative Supply's new Basic Riser MK2 boasts a height adding 3 inches over the Basic Riser MK1 and uses a texturized, solid aluminum base. This is ideal for users looking to scan 35mm and 120 with effective focal lengths of ~100mm.

    Full Border Scanning Guides for Basic Film Carrier 35

    This device allows you to scan the full image area of your 35mm film + sprocket holes to capture that awesome, unmistakable look of 35mm film.

    Basic Film Carrier 35 Stabilizing Mask

    This accessory holds the Basic Film Carrier 35 firmly to the 4x5 Light Source Basic and helps mask extraneous light when scanning.

    Know more about these features

    4x5 Light Source Basic 99 CRI

    The 4x5 Light Source Basic was Negative Supply's very first light source and Negative Suuply developed it to accurately scan 35mm up to 4x5. The 99 CRI light source is highly color accurate and consistent. It’s compatible with all Negative Supply adapter plates and accessories so you don’t ever need to worry about your accessories not being backwards compatible with Negative Supply's tools.

    Light Source Mini 97 CRI

    Their newest and most advanced light source to date is also tied for the brightest light source Negative Suuply make with the 5x7 Light Source Pro! The Light Source Mini is 4 full stops brighter than Negative Supply's Light Source Basic and effectively as color accurate (*see below). This light source is meant to scan 35mm and 120 film up to 6x9 which is the maximum image area of our 120 film carriers.

    CRI doesn’t tell the full story of a light source’s color accuracy. CRI is a metric used to tell us how a light source renders color based on human perception. What this does not tell us is how this light will render on film or in Negative Supply's case, a digital camera. The TLCI value will give us a more complete view of color accuracy and more directly relates to film scanning. The TLCI value is averaged from the 24 colors from the MacBeth Color Checker Chart with the maximum value of 100 being the best. Light sources that score 90 or higher are often seen as high-quality light sources that will cut down on post-production time.

    After extensive testing they determined the following:

    4x5 Light Source Basic 99 CRI: Scored a 98.3 for TLCI and 99.0 CRI

    Light Source Mini 97 CRI: Scored a 98.0 for TLCI and 97.3 CRI

    That means that scans from either of these light sources will show effectively no difference even in tricky color scenes. If you’re scanning 35mm and 120 film Negative Supply's Light Source Mini 97 CRI is absolutely the right choice for you.