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  • Strohl Mountain Light 45L Backpack

  • Strohl Mountain Light Camera Loader

  • Strohl Mountain Light Camera Insert

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    The Moment x Alex Strohl Mountain Light Backpack

    The "running shoe" of camera backpacks

    Just 1kg with Ultralight Materials

    From day hikes to overnights, this bag is designed to be ultralight and nimble. While traditional backpacking packs weigh 2-3kg, the MTN Light 45L backpack saves you 1kg of extra fabric weight you don't need to carry.

    • Total Weight: 2lbs, 6oz (1.08kg)
    • Ultralight, waterproof Cordura ripstop fabric.
    • Taped seams for rugged protection
    • Removable waist belt pocket and internal frame to shed ounces

    Did we mention it’s the lightest camera backpack we’ve ever seen?

    Moment Strohl Mountain Light Backpack 45
    Moment Strohl MNT Light 45 L Backpack studio 22


    Quick camera access was one of the main considerations of the MTN Light Series. The backpack provides quick back-panel access for fast capture. The Ultimate Bundle includes the MTN Light Camera Insert that perfectly fits inside the bag. It carries up to a 5D camera body with 70-200 lens mounted, 24-70 lens, extra batteries, and memory cards.

    It also includes the MTN Light Camera Loader for quick hip or shoulder access to your camera at any point on the trail.

    Moment Strohl Mountain Light Backpack hiking 065
    Moment Strohl Mountain Light Backpack hiking 036

    Built for Your Mountain Gear

    Whether backpacking, thru hiking, or hitting the trail for a day trip, the MTN 45L has every feature to comfortably carry all your gear:

    • Sternum and waist straps for stability
    • Hydration bladder compatible
    • Attachment loops for ice axe or trekking poles
    • Side straps for tripod, tent poles, and other long items
    • Side straps for a tripod or tent poles
    • Removable waist belt pocket for easy-access items
    • Large outer stretch pockets for quickly stashing extra gear
    • Shoulder stretch pockets for water bottles, phone, or snacks
    • Molded back panel for ventilated comfort
    • Expandable drawstring top closure
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    Moment Strohl MNT Light Series webres228
    Moment Strohl MNT Light Series webres62
    Moment Strohl MNT Light Series webres183
    Moment Strohl Mountain Light Backpack 83
    Moment Strohl MNT Light Series webres 5640
    Moment Strohl MNT Light Series webres174
    Moment Strohl MNT Light 45 L Backpack webres181
    Moment Strohl Mountain Light Backpack 188
    Moment Strohl MNT Light 45 L Backpack webres172

    Pack How You Like

    The MTN Light 45L is designed for fast & light travel in the mountains. It's perfect for those 1-3 day treks depending on how dialed your kit is. The roll-top design let's you to fit more or less depending on your gear.

    Pack in even more with the external pockets and attachment loops. The expandable drawstring top closure also adds 10L of storage when packed full.

    Going even lighter? Remove the internal frame for day hikes and travel days to pack it down even smaller.

    106 167 press moment strohl backpack hero 5 crop

    Learn How to Pack the MTN Light 45L Backpack for Fast & Light Adventure

    with Alex Strohl 

    “The ultimate pack for minimalist hikers with a camera”

    — Kraig Adams

    Which Size Should You Get?

    Not sure if you should get the Medium or the Large? Ultimately the right bag is the one that fits your body and more specifically your torso. If you don’t know how to measure your torso length, grab a friend to help you measure and follow these tips:

    Step 1

    Grab some measuring tape or a piece of string and a ruler! Tilt your head forward and locate the highest bony bump at the base of your neck. This is your C7 vertebra—which is the top of your torso length.

    Step 2

    Tilt your head back up and place your hands on each side of your body to find the top of your hip bones— this center point along your spine is the iliac center and the bottom of your torso length.

    Step 3

    Have your friend measure the distance between the two points to find your torso length

    If your torso length is over 18”, you’ll want the large. If it falls between 17-18.5”, get the Medium. And if it’s under 17”, know that we see you! We hope to introduce a Small size in the future.

    "Alex and Moment have designed a versatile and modular backpack solution for the adventurous photographer. It is significantly lighter than a traditional travel photographers rucksack, enabling you to move fast and light in the mountains. This is the pack for those moments when you are carrying an ultralight tent and sleeping bag, rather than six kilos of glass… !"

    "... a thorough and well thought out pack for people who prefer to spend their time going on adventures, rather than digging around in a bag for equipment.”

    — Ben Tibbets

    Credentials: Ben Tibbetts is an IFMGA mountain guide and a photographer, artist and writer based in Chamonix, France. Author of ALPENGLOW - documenting ascents of all 82 of the 4,000 meter peaks in the Alps.

    The Specs


    Total Backpack Weight: 2lbs, 6oz (1.08kg)

    Core Backpack: 2lbs, 1oz (0.93kg)

    Brain: 4oz (0.12kg)

    Hip Pouch: 1 oz (0.03kg)

    Camera Insert Weight: 10.5 oz (0.3kg)

    Camera Loader Weight: 5 oz (0.14kg)

    Backpack Capacity

    Volume: 45L

    Drawstring Top Closure: Adds an extra 10L of storage

    Height when fully packed without brain: 30"

    Height when fully packed with brain: 31.5"

    Circumference: 37"

    Back Width: 10.5"

    Duration: 1-3 day trips


    • 210D Waterproof Cordura™ Ripstop (Nylon 6,6)
    • Rugged Powermesh
    • EVA Foam
    • Steel Frame
    • YKK Zippers
    • Aluminum Hardware
    • Camera Insert - Dual Density Molded EVA Shell
    • Camera Insert - Molded EVA dividers
    • Camera Insert - Soft Velex Inner Lining