Sony Camera Set-Up and Shooting Guide

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Sony Camera Set-Up and Shooting Guide

    Looking to get started with your Sony Camera? Whether you just received yours, or you’re still thinking about making your purchase, this lesson provides everything you need to know about the camera and how to use it. Sony Ambassador, Tiffany Nguyen, teaches camera set-up, menus, lenses, and any of the go-to settings she’ll utilize for crafting her iconic photographs.

    This guide works great for the Sony a7, a7ii, a7iii, a7rii, a7riii, a7riv, a6000, a6400, a6600 & a9.

    **Important: All lesson purchases are final in consideration of the creator's hard work. To learn more, click here.

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    What You'll Learn

    Learn everything from setup to shooting manual on Sony cameras.

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