105mm F2.8 Art DG DN Macro Lens - Sony E-Mount

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The Sigma Sony E-Mount 105mm F2.8 DG DN MACRO is the first macro lens for mirrorless cameras in the Art line of lenses for mirrorless cameras. Mid-telephoto macro lenses give photographers a boost to creativity and a versatile working distance, which makes the lenses a favorite among professionals as part of their basic gear. It packs the highest level of performance expected of a mid-telephoto macro lens into its body, from its superb optical performance to excellent build quality. It provides performance that goes far beyond the expectation or imagination of what a "classic mid-telephoto macro lens" can be.

Note: Only available in the US

Features and Compatibility

  • Sony E-Mount
  • The latest optical design ensures exceptional sharpness at all shooting distances from extreme close-up, which is crucial in macro shooting, all the way up to infinity.
  • Its aberration correction places a particular focus on longitudinal chromatic aberration which cannot be handled by the in-camera aberration correction.
  • Bokeh was one of the focuses in this lens design, which figures largely in mid-telephoto shooting.
  • It excellently handles comatic aberration, which often happens at the edges. On the other hand, its abilities to minimize ghosting and flare.
  • Aperture ring lock switch
  • Focus mode switch
  • AFL button
  • Aperture ring click switch
  • Dust and splash proof structure
  • Filter Size: 62mm