Rear Mobile Lens Cap (All Series)

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Rear Mobile Lens Cap (All Series)

    Add a rear lens cap to your T-Series or M-Series lenses. The press-fit rear cap keeps the back opening of your Moment lens clean and safe, while the durable attachment leash keeps it close by.

    For T-series thread the Rear Lens Cap leash through the molded anchor loop of your existing T-Series front lens cap. Pass the strap back through the leash slot to secure, similar to a luggage tag.

    For M-Series simply adhere the Rear Lens Cap to the front of your existing M-Series front lens cap.

    Please note that you must choose the Rear Lens Cap that corresponds to the series of your front lens cap.

    Not compatible with O-Series lenses.

    SKU: 130-113

    Works with:

    Protect Your Lens

    Dust is not a friend of lenses. Don't let it get at your lens with front and back protection. The Rear Lens Cap helps keep the back glass of your lens pristine.

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    Secure From Back To Front

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      Keep The Back Glass Clean

      The back of your lens needs to be clean for clear shots just like the front. Keep it protected from dirt and grime by capping it.

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      A Safe Embrace

      The Rear Lens Cap adheres to the front lens cap with an adhesive pad and hugs your lens.

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      The Rear Lens Cap fits all of our M-Series Lenses. Protect them all!

    Easy On - Easy Off

    Putting the Rear Lens Cap on and taking it off is literally a snap.

    You can find the installation instructions here.

    Add A Lens

    Tech Specs

    MountingHigh strength adhesive
    Strap Size100.5mm long, 24.7mm wide, 0.6mm thick
    Cap size20.5mm long, 14.5mm wide, 3.7mm thick
    Weight1.4g (not attached to a cap)
    CompatibilityAll M-Series Moment Lenses

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