Real Estate Video Masterclass

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Real Estate Video Masterclass

    Looking to shoot your own real estate videos?

    This course gives you a complete look at how to plan, shoot, and edit real estate videos (in both Final Cut Pro X and Adobe's Premiere​ Pro). With modules suited for both beginners and experienced videographers, learn quickly how to create amazing listing videos that will propel you to the top of the pack. Brandon Washington, real estate video expert, demonstrates how to perform classic and creative shot types. Along with the video training course will be documents to assist you in building your real estate video business. You will get access to Brandon's contract, work orders, invoices, and more. Brandon will also teach you how to promote your services and develop business relationships with clients looking for a real estate videographer.

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    What You'll Learn

    10 Modules, 40 Learning Segments.

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      2 segments. Meet Brandon Washington as he walks you through what skills you’ll learn in this 3 hour course on real estate videography.

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      Crash Course

      5 segments. If you’re already an intermediate real estate filmmaker who just wants a crash course overview, this is the module for you. Brandon summarizes all the content of this course into five concise, top-level recaps.

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      Camera Gear & Setup

      7 segments. In this module, Brandon breaks down all the gear he recommends for real estate videographers. Learn which lenses, gimbals, drones, audio accessories, and more you should be considering. Brandon also gives you a tour of his own camera bag.

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      Camera Settings

      3 segments. In this module, we’ll cover the technical bits. Brandon teaches you how to achieve proper exposure and white balance. He’ll also cover what frame rate and resolutions are best for real estate listing videos.

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      3 segments. For that perfect aerial shot -- This module is all about taking flight and utilizing drones to capture jaw-dropping real estate footage. This section covers the legality of drones, settings, and shot types.

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      3 segments. Every successful shoot day starts with a solid plan. In this module, Brandon teaches house preparation, lighting, and finally, creating your shot list so you can be sure to capture everything you need for a gorgeous finished video product.

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      6 segments. It’s shoot day. This module will teach you all about different kinds of classic and creative shot types that you can use when capturing your footage. Brandon demonstrates a variety of revealing shots, walk-throughs, pans, tilts, slider shots, and more.

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      Real Estate Video Business

      6 segments. Dive into the business-side of real estate videography. This module is all about landing clients, marketing your services, pricing, and contracts. Don’t miss this module if you’re looking to start your own business.

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      3 segments. Sit down with Brandon behind the computer to put all your footage together. Brandon walks you through editing your real estate video in both Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X.

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      Documents & Conclusion

      2 segments. In this course wrap up, Brandon signs off with some final thoughts and provides the downloads for the templates mentioned in this course.

    Class Extras

    Get more out of this course with exclusive downloads to help you build your business.

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      Downloadable Example Contracts

      Brandon provides downloadable templates for contracts, invoices, and more.

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      Work Order Template

      Another invaluable resource when starting your own real estate video business, get this downloadable work order template.

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      Brandon's Listing Checklist

      On shoot day, make sure you get all the footage you need for a phenomenal product with Brandon's listing checklist.


    Brandon Washington

    Brandon Washington is a visual artist specialized in real estate video marketing.

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