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Ultralight Conversion Kit

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Quickly convert the Travel Tripod into an ultralight tabletop-sized tripod, ideal for backpacking and other times when weight is of the essence. This kit contains 3 lightweight rugged plastic foot plugs that easily install in place of the lower 4 tripod leg sections. With the leg sections removed and the foot plugs installed, you’re left with a pro-quality tripod that is half the weight, yet still deploys to 57.2cm (22.5”). Removing the lower 4 leg sections and installing the foot plugs is fast and easy—it requires no tools whatsoever.

Features and Compatibility

  • When installed, cuts the weight of your Travel Tripod nearly in half
  • Reduces Carbon tripod weight by 40-%—from 1.29 kg (2.81 lbs) down to 0.774 kg (1.71 lbs)
  • Reduces Aluminum tripod weight by 45%—from 1.56 kg (3.44 lbs) down to 0.854 kg (1.88 lbs)
  • Installs and uninstalls quickly and easily, no tools necessary
  • Made from lightweight, rugged, weatherproof reinforced plastic
  • Tips of foot plugs are made from rubbery TPU for superior grip and vibration damping


Each foot plug: 27.4 g (0.97 oz)

All three: 82.2 g (2.9 oz)

Weight of Carbon Travel Tripod with Kit installed: 0.774 kg (1.71 lbs)

Weight of Aluminum Travel Tripod with Kit installed: 0.854 kg (1.88 lbs)


Length of each foot: 8cm (3.15")

Tripod Dimensions with Kit Installed:

Max height (center column down): 36.3cm (14.29")

Max height (center column up): 58.1cm (22.87")

Minimum height (low mode): 14.5cm (5.7")


Glass-filled nylon with TPU rubberized grip