Slide - Crossbody Camera Strap

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Slide - Crossbody Camera Strap

    The most versatile pro camera strap in the world, the newly upgraded Slide can be worn as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap. Internally-padded nylon webbing has a smooth side that glides over clothing in sling mode and a grippy side that prevents slipping in shoulder mode. Dual quick-adjusters provide instant access and easy reconfiguration. Peak Design's unique Anchor Link system connects quickly and dual points of connection keep your camera more stable than traditional sling straps.

    SKU: SL-AS-3

    Tech Specs

    Strap LengthMax Length: 145 Cm (57") | Min Length: 99 Cm (39")
    Strap Width45 mm (1.8")
    StrapSeatbelt-Style Nylon Webbing
    HardwareAnodized Aluminum
    AccentsHypalon® And Leather Accents
    LinksGlass-Reinforced Nylon
    SpringsStainless Steel
    Anchor Cord2-Layer Anti-Abrasion Woven Thermoplastic
    Strength RatingAnti-abrasion thermoplastic-corded Anchors can withstand over 200 lbs (90 kg)
    Anchor SizeHead Diameter: 17 Mm (.67 In) | Anchor Loop Length: 43 Mm (1.7 In)
    Anchor Mount Size30mm (1.2in) x 20 mm (.79in) x (protrusion from camera) 5 mm (.20 in)
    Strap LoopsFits all generation Peak Design Anchors, plus straps up to 13mm (.51 in) wide
    Strength RatingDyneema®-corded Anchors can withstand over 200 lbs (90 kg), making Safe for use with the largest of professional cameras.

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