Slide Lite - Crossbody Camera Strap

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Slide Lite - Crossbody Camera Strap

    The Slide Lite is perfectly suited for mirrorless and light DSLR cameras. Wear Slide Lite as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap. Seatbelt-style nylon webbing has a smooth side that glides over clothing in sling mode and a grippy side that prevents slipping in shoulder mode. Dual quick-adjusters provide instant access and easy reconfiguration. Unique Anchor Link system connects quickly and dual points of connection keep your camera more stable than traditional sling straps. Shipped with updated V4 Anchors.

    SKU: SLL-BK-3

    Tech Specs

    Strap LengthMax length: 145 cm (57") | Min length: 99 cm (39")
    Strap Width32 mm (1.3")
    StrapSeatbelt-Style Nylon Webbing
    HardwareAnodized Aluminum
    AccentsHypalon® And Leather Accents
    LinksGlass-Reinforced Nylon
    SpringsStainless Steel
    Anchor Cord2-Layer Anti-Abrasion Woven Thermoplastic
    Anchor SizeHead Diameter: 17 Mm (.67 In) | Anchor Loop Length: 43 Mm (1.7 In)
    Anchor Mount Size30mm (1.2in) x 20 mm (.79in) x (protrusion from camera) 5 mm (.20 in)
    Strap LoopsFits all generation Peak Design Anchors, plus straps up to 13mm (.51 in) wide
    Strength RatingDyneema®-corded Anchors can withstand over 200 lbs (90 kg). Safe for use with the largest of professional cameras.