Paracord Camera Neck Strap

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Originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II, 550-lb test paracord flexes but will never break. Worn around your neck or as a sling, the strap’s suspension shields your camera from shocks when you inattentively jump off rocks. The strap’s sturdy nylon webbing with a suede lining wears soft against your sun-burnt neck and easily supports the heaviest SLR and long-lens combos.

Features and Compatibility

  • Works with many of our photo cases, as well as SLR's, Rangefinders, etc.
  • Requires an Anchor Link to be compatible with our Pixel, iPhone, Samsung or One Plus photo cases
  • Made of Military Grade paracord.
  • 550-lb test paracord means each strand supports over 550 pounds.
  • Hand-crafted style that feels good and looks good.